Malmstrom Special Victims' Counsel


The Malmstrom Air Force Base Special Victims' Counsel (SVC) assists eligible victims through most criminal and civil legal matters relating to a reported sexual assault, whether restricted or unrestricted; SVCs are NOT mandatory reporters. SVCs ensure that victim's rights, as defined by Congress, are maintained throughout the court-martial process as well as protecting victims' privacy rights throughout the investigation and court-marital process. SVCs can attend all interviews with the victim (in person or by telephone). More information is available here.


What SVCs do for victims of sexual assault:

- Advocate your voice and choice

- Provide CONFIDENTIAL legal advice

- Protect your rights and privacy interests

- Provides legal assistance

- Advises you on the investigation and prosecution process

-Attends interviews, hearings, and Courts-Martial with you

Who does the SVC work for?

- SVCs DO NOT work for anyone on base except you

- SVCs have an independent chain of command in Washington, DC

Contact your SVC, SARC, FAP, or Legal Office to request an SVC

- Restricted Reports: Go to the SARC, FAP, Chaplain, or Health Care Provider to ensure the report remains restricted.

For more information, call 406-731-1367 or 406-731-1368.

Last Review and Update: Sep 10, 2021
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