Philly Teen Moms and Dads: Know Your Rights - Quiz

Authored By: Philadelphia Legal Assistance


Philadelphia Legal AssistanceThis online quiz allows Teen Moms and Dads to test their knowledge of family law and learn along the way. More information for Teen Moms and Dads in available in the companion guide, Family Law for Teen Parents.

Family Law for Teen Parents is a complete guide for teen parents about their rights and responsibilities when it comes to paternity, child custody, child support, protection from abuse, and emancipation. The guide features easy-to-follow graphics and plenty of real-world examples, targeted towards teen parents and their advocates, and includes a resource guide for teens who need extra help. Use the table of contents to click through to the sections that interest you, or keep the whole book on hand as a reference.



Guide developed by Jesse Krohn, Esq., Philadelphia Legal Assistance