Pennsylvania Homeowner Assistance Fund (PAHAF)

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What Help Is Provided?

The Pennsylvania Homeowner Assitance Fund (PAHAF) provides up to $30,000 to help homeowners who have experienced a financial hardship related to COVID.

Am I Eligible?

  • Homeowner owns and occupies the property as their primary residence
  • Property is located in Pennsylvania
  • Homeowner has experienced a financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic after January 21, 2020 (including a hardship that began before January 21, 2020 and continued after that date) and is at least 30 days past due on the mortgage payments and/or housing-related expenses
  • Household income is equal or less than %150 of the area median income (AMI)
  • Homeowner's first mortgage is a conforming loan and meets federals limits for the year in which the loan was taken
  • Homeowner cannot receive the same assistance for morgage payment, mortgage reinstatement, property charges, and/or utility payment from another federal, state, local, nonprofit, or tribal source

What Can PAHAF Cover?

  • Mortgage Reinstatement
    • Up to $30,000 or 24 months
  • Forward Mortgage Payment
    • Up to $30,000 or 24 months
  • Property Charges
    • $5,000 for delinquent property taxes
    • $3,000 for insurance premiums
    • $5,000 for delinquent homeowner/condominium fees (HOA)
  • Delinquent Utilities
    • $8,000

What Is Needed to Apply?

  • Copy of government-issued photo ID for all homeowner applicants
  • Copy of Social Security or Tax Identification card, OR submission of income tax related forms such as 1040s, W2s, 1099s, etc., showing your full Social Security or Tax Identification Number
  • Proof of current income (such as a 2020 Tax Return, W2s, 1099s, etc.)
  • Proof of home ownership (e.g., copy of the most recently recorded deed, tax bill
  • Attest to a COVID related material decrease in income or increase in expenses
  • Additional information you feel would be beneficial in explaining your situation

For more information or to apply for PAHAF, visit or call 888-987-2423. 

Last Review and Update: Jun 01, 2022
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