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Anna's Story

AnnaAnna and her spouse are undocumented and have been residing in the United States for many years now. A week ago, three people broke into Anna’s home, held her and her spouse at gunpoint, and demanded any money or valuables they had on them. After the perpetrators left, Anna called the police to report the armed robbery. She is cooperating with authorities and hopeful they will locate the criminals.

Anna and her spouse may qualify for a U Visa.

Anna and her spouse may qualify for a U Visa because they were victims of a qualifying criminal activity, suffered substantial physical and/or mental abuse because of the crime, and have been helpful to law enforcement in investigating the robbery.

Eligibility for U Visa

You may qualify for a U Visa if:

  • Is the direct or indirect victim of qualifying criminal activity.
  • Has suffered substantial physical or mental abuse because of having been a victim of criminal activity.
  • Has information about the criminal activity.
  • Was helpful, is being helpful, or is likely to be helpful to law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, or other officials in the detection, investigation, prosecution, conviction, or sentencing of the criminal activity.