Office of the Victim Advocate

Authored By: Office of the Victim Advocate

About the Office of Victim Advocate

The Office of Victim Advocate (OVA) is the state agency with the authority and duty to advocate for the rights and needs of crime victims. 

It works to meet its mission through victim services, which includes post-sentencing notifications of offender status and movements within the DOC and the parole system; restorative justice programs that promote resilience and healing; and it is currently developing new initiatives around crime prevention.

The Office of Victim Advocate seeks to provide crime victims with a victim-centered continuum of service throughout the post-sentencing process. Its efforts are primarily directed toward ensuring that crime victims registered with OVA are afforded their post-sentencing rights to notification and input when offenders under the jurisdiction of the DOC or PBPP are being considered for release back into the community.

This video provides an introduction to the Pennsylvania Office of Victim Advocate. For more information visit the website at

Last Review and Update: Apr 06, 2022
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