Medical Assistance Financial Eligibility Application for Long-Term Care Supports and Services

Authored By: Pennsylvania Department of Human Services


Application for a determination of financial eligibility for long term care facilities.

In order to receive payment toward the cost of nursing facility care, a person must be both medically in need of care provided by a nursing care facility and financially eligible for Medical Assistance and payment toward the cost of care.

The local Area Agency for Aging (AAA), through its OPTIONS program, completes an assessment to determine if the individual needs nursing facility care or if less comprehensive care, such as that in a personal care home or other community care arrangement, would meet the individuals needs. If OPTIONS determines that the person is medically eligible for nursing facility care, the county assistance office will determine if the client is financially eligible for payment toward the cost of care using information provided on the PA 600-L form.

The person who needs help to pay for nursing facility care, or someone acting on his behalf, may complete the form.

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Medical Assistance (Medicaid) Financial Eligibility Application for Long Term Care, Supports and Services
(PA 600-L Form)

Last Review and Update: Sep 28, 2018