Medicaid Health Plan Changes Delayed to September 1st

The implementation of the Physical HealthChoices procurement, which will bring about major changes to the Medicaid physical health plans available across the state, was pushed back to September 1, 2022. 

Between June 22 and July 7, mailings explaining the new plan choices will go out to consumers, including both those who are impacted and must change plans because their current plan is going away, and those who are not impacted but can make a plan change if they wish. The mailing will contain a letter explaining the upcoming changes as well as a plan comparison chart. 

Approximately 460,000 Medicaid consumers will need to choose a new managed care plan or be auto-assigned into one.  The remaining 2.3 million consumers in the HealthChoices program will have the option to choose a new plan and will have new plan options available. More information, including a table highlighting the plan changes, is available from the Pennsylvania Health Law Project at the link below.

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