How to Get Child Care and Other Supportive Services When Your Family Gets Food Stamps, But Not Cash

Authored By: Community Justice Project


Families that get SNAP (food stamps), but not cash assistance ("SNAP-only" households) can get many of same special allowances for supportive services (SPALs) to attend school or job skills training that cash assistance families get.

Here is what you should say to your caseworker to get these services:

  • My family is a "SNAP-only household."
  • I would like an appointment to enroll as a volunteer in the SNAP "Employment and Training Program," so that I can go to school (or attend a job training program).
  • I understand that I must enter into an "Employment Development Plan" (EDP). Please list my school, job training (or job search) on my EDP as my employment and training activity.
  • I need supportive services (name the services needed) in order to follow my approved plan. (The welfare office must make a decision on your request for supportive services no later than 15 days following the date of your request.)

NOTE: The welfare office may deny SPALs (supportive services) to SNAP-only parents if they started an education program and paid any school-related expense (such as child care, transportation or books) before getting this activity approved on an EDP.

  • If you are a SNAP-only parent and are thinking about starting an education or training program, you should contact the welfare office and get this activity approved on an EDP BEFORE you pay any of your school-related expenses.
  • If you have already started your education, you can get SPALs as long as you have not yet paid any school-related expenses on your own and you get this activity approved on an EDP.
  • If you have been denied SPALs because you paid a school-related expense on your own, you should get your education or training program approved on an EDP right away so that you can get SPALs for the next semester.

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Last Review and Update: Jul 01, 2008