Divorce Tracker

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The Divorce Tracker

What is the Divorce Tracker?  It’s a free automated program that helps guide individuals through the divorce process in Pennsylvania and generates forms necessary to pursue a simple, uncontested divorce action. This generally means that you and your spouse:

  • both agree to a divorce or have been separated over one year*, and
  • have no disputes over children, money or property.

* Pennsylvania law changed on December 5, 2016.  If you and your spouse separated before that date, you must be separated at least 2 years to get a divorce based on separation.  If you separated after that date, you need to be separated only 1 year.

What you must know before you begin:  The Divorce Tracker guides a user through 3 packets of questions and forms.  To use the Divorce Tracker, you must complete each packet in order, starting with Packet 1.  At the end of each packet, you must save your answers to the questions, so the information can be used in the next packet.  In order to save your answers, you must be willing to register on the LawHelp Interactive website.

Click on the link below for the packet you want to use:

  • Packet 1: Starting Your Divorce
    This section of the Divorce Tracker will help you prepare forms to start a simple, uncontested divorce case in Pennsylvania.

  • Packet 2: Continuing Your Divorce
    This section of the Divorce Tracker will help you prepare the next set of divorce forms AFTER you filed and served the Divorce Complaint.

  • Packet 3: Finalizing Your Divorce
    This section of the Divorce Tracker will help you prepare the final set of forms to obtain a simple, uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania.

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Packet 1: Starting Your Divorce:

Packet 2: Continuing Your Divorce:

Packet 3: Finalizing Your Divorce:


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LawHelp Interactive forms are for low-income people, who can't pay for legal assistance, and their non-profit advocates. Commercial use is strictly forbidden.