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David’s Story

DavidDavid has been looking for employment. On numerous applications, he has been asked to provide additional information for a background check. When David was 16 he was arrested on a couple of minor offenses, all of which were dismissed. He is worried that his juvenile record will keep him from finding work.

David may qualify for a Juvenile Expungement.

David may qualify for an Expungement of his juvenile record because the complaints were dismissed, and David has not been arrested or charged with any other crimes since he was 16. Expungement would erase David’s juvenile record, so that no one could see it.

Eligibility for Juvenile Expungement

You may qualify for a Juvenile Expungement if:

  • If the complaint was not substantiated (i.e. found not guilty) or is dismissed.
  • Six months have passed since your final discharge from supervision under a consent decree and no juvenile or criminal charges are pending.
  • Five years have passed since your final discharge from commitment, placement, or any other disposition and no further charges have been filed or are pending.
  • You are 18 or older, the prosecutor has agreed to the expungement, and the court has considered: they type of offense, your age, history of employment, criminal activity, drug or alcohol problems, problems you might experience if the records are not expunged, and whether keeping a record will help protect public safety.