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Consumer Law Forms from Aging Safely

Authored By: Aging Safely

Aging Safely is a website developed with support from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), Pro Bono Net and the Center for Elder Law & Justice containing online tools to help better identify, respond to and remedy elder abuse and financial exploitation.

Aging Safely has developed a set of three free consumer law forms that can be used as standalone letters or to work together as a package to help older adults who have been victims of financial exploitation or identify theft:

  1. Letter to a creditor to request debt forgiveness when a bill is owed - This form can create a letter to ask for debt forgiveness. You can use this letter when you owe a bill and you need to ask for debt forgiveness.;
  2. Letter to a creditor to dispute a charge from a bank or company - This form will help you create a letter that disputes a charge from a bank or company. Use this letter if you find a charge you don't recognize in your bills or bank statements.
  3. Letter to a credit bureau to dispute an item on a credit report - This form helps you dispute an error in a credit report.

You can get more information on these forms and access the forms from Aging Safely at the link below. Click on Consumer Law Forms on this page:


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