Consumer Fotonovelas


As part of it's ongoing effort to raise awareness about scams targeting the Latino community, the Federal Trade Commission has developed a series of “fotonovelas” in Spanish. The stories are based on complaints to the FTC from Spanish speakers throughout the nation and offer practical tips to help detect and stop common scams.

Debt Collectors (Spanish-only)
In this fotonovela, the main character, Juan, goes to a financial seminar where he learns his rights about dealing with debt collectors. He learns about situations where debt collector’s practices are unfair and illegal.  He also learns where to go for information and to file a complaint.

Income Scam (Spanish-only)
Based on the facts of a recent lawsuit filed by the FTC against a telemarketing company that was targeting Spanish-speakers nationwide, the story alerts Latino consumers to the signs of an income scam, and provides advice that can help reduce the risks of being taken.

Govenment Imposters (Spanish-only)
The story follows a young woman who gets a call from someone claiming to be from the government who convinces her to send money for a prize. The story is based on real complaints to the FTC from Spanish speakers throughout the nation, and offers tips on how to tell that you’re dealing with a government imposter and the dangers of sending money to a stranger.

Last Review and Update: Jan 05, 2022
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