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About Us

LawHelp Interactive creates legal forms and documents. People are asked a series of questions, and then their answers are used to tailor their documents. The site is used by legal aid advocates, pro bono lawyers, and people representing themselves. In some states forms created by LHI can be e-filed to a court or fax and filed.

In 2013 LawHelp Interactive created 456,272 documents and served 817,839 guided interviews. These forms represent many legal problems: child support and custody, domestic violence, debt collection, foreclosures, evictions, and divorce.

Local legal aid, pro bono, and partner courts design the forms on LawHelp Interactive. Legal experts make the templates that are used to create the forms and documents with HotDocs and A2J Author.

LawHelp Interactive increases opportunities for people to get justice on their own. It also improves efficiency for access-to-justice programs.

LawHelp Interactive is a project of Pro Bono Net , a nonprofit committed to increasing access to justice with technology, in cooperation with Ohio State Legal Services Association . The project is supported by the Legal Services Corporation , the State Justice Institute , and state courts in California, Montana, and New York. The HotDocs software has been donated by HotDocs Corporation . Thanks to our many collaborators, including Kaivo Software , Capstone Practice Systems , The Center for Access to Justice and Technology , and The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction

Pro Bono Net

Founded in 1998, Pro Bono Net is a national, nonprofit organization that works in close partnership with nonprofit legal organizations across the country to increase access to justice for poor and moderate-income people and other vulnerable populations. It seeks to do so through (i) supporting the innovative and effective use of technology by the nonprofit legal sector, (ii) increasing participation by volunteers, and (iii) facilitating collaborations among nonprofit legal organizations and advocates working on similar issues or in the same region.

For more information, email us or contact us at 
Pro Bono Net 
151 West 30th Street, 6th floor 
New York, NY 10001.

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