Divorce Law Project: from the Allegheny County Bar Foundation

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436 Seventh Ave
400 Koppers Building
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

How to Get Help


Individuals must have been separated from one’s spouse for a year or more or be a victim of domestic violence with a current PFA order against his or her spouse. They also must know the address and Social Security number for one’s spouse; know one’s date and county of marriage; know one’s exact date of separation; have no marital assets, such as a house, pension, or other personal property with one’s spouse; be willing to waive an alimony claim against one’s spouse; not be the subject of any other divorce action filed in this or another jurisdiction; and be reasonably certain that one’s spouse will go along with the divorce action and be willing to accept service of the Complaint in Divorce.

Who We Are

The Divorce Law Project provides qualifying low income residents of Allegheny County with free legal assistance in uncontested divorces from their spouses. For more information you can call 412-402-6621.

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Who We Serve

  • Allegheny County
Additional Service Area Info Must be a resident of Allegheny County or have lived in Allegheny County for at least six months.
Your family's income should be at or below the following percentage of the federal poverty level 125
Is this organization accessible by wheelchair? Yes
Does this organization provide access for the hearing impaired? Yes

Type of Help

This group provides the following types of services based on your legal needs and its resources:
  • Full Legal Representation
Last Review and Update: Jul 29, 2022
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