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  • Criminal Justice Advocacy & Support Directory - Guide to Services for Pennsylvania Inmates, Victims of Crime & Their Families

    The purpose of this directory is to provide a comprehensive listing of agencies in Pennsylvania, and to some extent nationally, which serves the needs of inmates, ex-offenders, victims of crimes and their families, criminal justice professionals, volunteers and support persons. Content Detail

    CentrePeace and Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project
  • #MeTooPA

    We provide FREE confidential services for students and workers who have experienced sexual harassment or assault in school or on the job. If you are experiencing sexual harassment at school or on the job, contact us at 412-281-2892, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, or email us at Content Detail

    Women's Law Project
  • Victim Service Programs

    If you are a victim of crime or have been affected by a crime, you may receive help from an advocate from a Victim Service Program. The following link provides information on local programs that offer help. Read More

    Pennsylvania Office of Victim Services