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Immigrant Issues and Rights

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Immigration Options for Victims of Crimes

This brochure from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services provides information for Law Enforcement, Healthcare Providers, and Others about legal remedies available to victims of certain crimes. [PDF] (February 2010)

Immigration Information from

This section of provides information to victims of crime and domestic abuse about the impact of their immigration status, which is often a major barrier to safety and self-sufficiency for victims of crime. Information is provided to victims of crime about certain protections they are provided under immigration law.

Beware of Dishonest Immigration Consultants [PDF]

Brochure from the National Consumer Law Center discussing how to look out for dishonest immigration consultants. [PDF]

Notarios Notorios (Notorious Notarios) (Video)

A notary public in America is not the equivalent of a notario publico in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico. A notary public is not a lawyer and is not authorized by the state to give legal advice or provide legal services. This video from the Visual Legal Advocacy Project at Penn Law, which is in Spanish and English, is intended to assist consumers in avoiding confusion between notaries and notarios when seeking legal help with immigration matters. (19:38) (August 2009)

Information about U Visa

Information from Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center about U Visa, a visa designed for crime victims who have helped or are willing to help authorities investigating crimes.

Immigration and Unemployment Compensation: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many comman questions about immigration status and unemployment compensation benefits.

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