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  • Changing Your Name

    MidPenn Legal Services provides information and a self-help packet for changing your name in Pennsylvania. The packet of forms is available in PDF format below. Read More

    MidPenn Legal Services
  • Emancipation of Minors

    General informational on issues surrounding emancipation from Northwestern Legal Services, including school attendance and residency, medical consent, parental liability, public assistance benefits and support for minors. A Continuous Residence and Support Oath affidavit is available in PDF Format. See the explanation on use of this form in the text of this article. Read More

    Northwestern Legal Services
  • Family Law Manual

    This handbook provides useful information about common Family Law issues. If you need Family Law help, this handbook has good suggestions about some of the most common areas of Family Law. This handbook also gives answers to commonly asked questions. [PDF] Read More

    North Penn Legal Services
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