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This section of has information and resources about Education Benefits for Veterans and Military personnel in Pennsylvania.

  • Organizations Offering Assistance to Veterans

    Essential List of Organizations Helping Military Families in Need--This is a compilation of organizations from Veterans United for Truth that provide help with disability claims, discharge disputes, VA guidance and legal conflicts. Some provide job training, continued education and connections to employers. Others offer medical care, psychological treatment, crisis counseling and emotional healing. [PDF] Content Detail

    Veterans United for Truth
  • Are You a Veteran Needing Help With a Legal Question? - ABA Free Legal Answers

    Information from the American Bar Association Military and Veterans Legal Center about Federal ABA Free Legal Answers, a website where you can submit your questions about civil legal issues pertaining to veterans, including VA benefits, discharge upgrades, and similar veterans’ legal issues, and receive answers from pro bono lawyers. Read More

    American Bar Association