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Employment Issues for Migrants

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This section of has information and resources about Employment Issues for Migrants in Pennsylvania.

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About Pennsylvania's Courts

Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System forms a hierarchical structure that can best be illustrated in the form of a pyramid. A description of each level of the judiciary, beginning with the minor courts is presented.

A Short History of Pennsylvania's Courts

Information on the historical underpinnings of the Pennsylvania Courts

Asked and Answered: Information about Pennsylvania's Courts and American Jurisprudence

Asked & Answered is a central resource page of the Pennsylvania Judiciary's Web site. Here you can access annual reports and press releases as well as information on how the courts are structured, how they function and how to contact them.

Definitions of Legal Terms

Glossary of terms commonly used in the judicial system.

How Judges Are Elected

Information on the basic requirements for the position of judge and information on elections, tenure and the filling of judicial vacancies.

Jury Duty in Pennsylvania

Information on serving on jury duty in the courts of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Judiciary's Web Application Portal

This site is the Internet Home for the Court's Electronic Services (E-Services).

Pennsylvania's Judicial System: How the Courts Operate

Information from the Pennsylvania Courts website about the operation of the Judicial System in Pennsylvania.

THE JUDICIAL BRANCH - Judicial System Educational Video

Video presentation highlighting the operation of Pennsylvania's Court system (17:28).

Jury Duty in Pennsylvania

Information on serving on jury duty in the courts of Pennsylvania.

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