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This section of has Information on the ground for civil lawsuits that are not based on a contract. 

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Common Intentional Torts (Video)

This two-part video from LawShelf, a project of National Paralegal College, discusses Intentional torts, which are a central area of civil law. A tort is when an individual suffers harm or loss because of someone else’s wrongful conduct. An intentional tort occurs when someone deliberately intends the action which leads to the harm or loss of another.

Torts and Personal Injuries

General information from Findlaw on many types of Torts, which are personal injuries caused by civil (as opposed to criminal) wrongs. This generally means that the wrong was unintended, but tort lawsuits can include everything from car accident injuries to injuries stemming from assaults, the invasion of privacy, wrongful death, and many others.

What Are Intentional Torts?

Information from Findlaw on Intentional torts, which are wrongful acts done on purpose. The person does not need to actually mean harm, but the other person ends up hurt anyway, such as in a prank. Or, the person can definitely mean harm, such as domestic violence cases.

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