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in Pennsylvania.

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Landlord’s Interference With a Tenant’s Right to Utility Service

Information from MidPenn Legal Services on a Tenant's rights regarding utility service in a rented residence. [PDF] (June 2011)

Tenant and Landlord Relationships (Audio-MP3)

This is an episode of Northwestern Legal Services' "Access to Justice" Radio show broadcast on JET 1400 AM in Erie, PA on 7/12/07. Consumer Protection Law in Pennsylvania and Landlord/Tenant Relationships are discussed by NWLS Attorneys John Gandrud & David Hull in this episode. (28:15)

Common Landlord-Tenant Myths (Video)

This video, Common Landlord-Tenant Myths, provides information on most of the problems arising during the tenancy, including written versus oral leases, eviction notices, illegal self-help evictions, security deposits, and warranty of habitability.

Security Deposits

Information from the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network on tenants' rights relating to security deposits.

Security Deposits (Video)

Many tenants do not receive their security deposits back from the landlords when they move out of the property. Find out what type of notice you need to give your landlord and what to do if your landlord does not give your deposit back.

Illegal Lockouts (Video)

This video from Neighborhood Legal Services Association explains tenants' rights under the law in Pennsylvania that offer protection against self-help evictions when the landlord changes the locks or renders the property unusable without following the property eviction procedures. October 22, 2010.

Landlord Tenant Handbook

Detailed information about renting a residence from a landlord from North Penn Legal Services (NPLS). Fair housing (housing discrimination) information is included throughout the entire handbook. There is a Lehigh Valley Edition and a Northeast PA Edition. NPLS revised the Landlord-Tenant Handbook in December 2019.

What To Know BEFORE You Rent (Video)

This video from Summit Legal Aid, formerly Laurel Legal Services, offers information for people who are planning to rent a home or apartment. It includes an explanation of what a lease agreement generally covers and some common issues related to renting. Summit Legal Aid was formed when Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Aid and Laurel Legal Services merged into a single legal aid program on July 1, 2023.

Tenants' Rights - Going to Court

Northwestern Legal Services provides general information for tenants regarding district justice court hearings.

How to Prepare for Landlord-Tenant Court if You are Facing Eviction (Video)

Video from Community Legal Services of Philadelphia, in conjunction with the Philadelphia Eviction Prevention Project, providing a description of your rights when being evicted and about how the eviction process works. Specific information is included about the eviction process that is followed in Philadelphia, along with some resources for people facing eviction in Philadelphia.

Becoming a Responsible Renter (Video)

Video from the Allegheny County Department of Human Service on steps you can take to become a responsible renter. (2019)

Legal Assistance Program for Tenants and Homeowners in Pittsburgh

The Legal Assistance Program (LAP) of the Urban Development Program of Pittsburgh provides a variety of free housing legal services to eligible tenants and homeowners who live in the City of Pittsburgh. Income limits apply for services.

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