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This section of has information and resources about issues relating to Eviction in Pennsylvania.

  • Forms - Pennsylvania Courts

    Listing of forms available for use by the public in Pennsylvania Courts. Content Detail

    Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts
  • Homeless Assistance Program

    Information on the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services' Homeless Assistance Program and services available to homeless and near homeless individuals and families. Content Detail

    Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
  • PA Courts Public Access Policy - Filing Requirements in the Courts (Video)

    Effective on January 6, 2018, a new Public Access Policy is in effect in Pennsylvania Courts. This policy imposes requirements on anyone filing court documents in the trial and appellate courts to safeguard information in the documents they file. The Pennsylvania Courts have released this series of videos that explain the judiciary’s new policy for protecting confidential information and the required steps you must take to protect that information when filing documents in the courts. Content Detail

    Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts

    The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency provides this simple-to-use housing locator Web site that lets you define what you want in your next living space, and then it does all the research – presenting you with the relevant housing vacancies that best fit your parameters in the community where you want to live. Content Detail

    Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
  • Philadelphia County: Court Forms - Philadelphia Courts, First Judicial District

    Forms that may be used in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Content Detail

    Philadelphia Courts, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania
  • What should I do if the house or apartment I’m renting goes into foreclosure?

    Information from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on what to do if your landlord defaults on the mortgage to your residence and it goes into foreclosure. Content Detail

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau