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Trans Youth Handbook

This Handbook was created to help you learn about your legal rights in different areas of your life. The information in this Handbook should not be considered legal advice. This Handbook provides legal information but does not attempt to apply that information to any specific situation. This guide was up-to-date as of its release in June 2020. However, because laws affecting trans people are constantly changing, the information contained in this Handbook may not reflect the current legal situation where you live. You can click on the links below to access the different sections online. You can also access the entire handbook by clicking here You can also review Resources and Definitions, which lists additional helpful resources and definitions for the terms used in this Handbook. If you have a question about your specific legal situation, you should contact NCLR’s legal helpline by phone at (415) 392-6257 or (800) 528-6257. You can also contact the helpline by e-mail at info@nclrights.org.

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