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A Guide for Seniors and Their Families: Issues on Aging

Consumer Legal Information Pamphlet from the Pennsylvania Bar Association [PDF]

A Guide to Legal Issues for Pennsylvania Senior Citizens [PDF]

The handbook from the Pennsylvania Bar Association provides valuable information on legal issues and questions that concern Pennsylvania's senior citizens and the persons and organizations that care for them. (2016-2017) [PDF Format, 83 pages]

Collaborative Law

Consumer legal information brochure from the Pennsylvania Bar Association on Collaborative Law, a dispute resolution process that is an alternative to litigation. Rev. 1/13 [PDF]

Estate Planning

Consumer information pamphlet from the Pennsylvania Bar Association. (February 2013)

Inheritance and Estate Taxes

Information on inheritance and estate taxes from the Erie County Bar Association (February 2018)

Living Trusts

This publication from the Erie County Bar Association outlines what a living trust is, who needs one, advantages and disadvantages of having one, as well as myths and scams involving living trusts. (February 2019)

Small Estates

Information on small estates from the Erie County Bar Association (February 2019)

The Truth About Probate and Living Trusts in Pennsylvania [PDF]

The ACBA produced this booklet to alleviate the confusion about living trusts and probate, and to protect consumers from purchasing a product that might not be right for them. The booklet answers questions about probate, such as: What is Probate? What are the costs of Probate? Does Probate take a long time? The booklet also answers questions about a living trust, such as: Why am I now hearing so much about living trusts? Do I need a living trust?


Information from the Erie County Bar Association about using a Trust in personal estate planning and business planning. (August 2018)


Information on wills from the Erie County Bar Association (February 2018)

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