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Truancy and School Attendance

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This section of has information and resources about Truancy and School Attendance issues in Pennsylvania.

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School Attendance and Truancy

Information on compulsory school attendance from the Erie County Bar Association. (August 2018)

Truancy: Truancy Law Fact Sheet

This fact sheet from the Education Law Center explains Pennsylvania's new truancy law, effective for the 2017-2018 school year, focusing on the rights of families and obligations and roles of schools; courts; and Children and Youth Agencies. (November 2016)

Truancy and School Attendance in Pennsylvania

Information from the Education Law Center - Pennsylvania on basic law regarding school attendance and truancy in Pennsylvania. [PDF]

Attendance & Truancy: Your Rights

Information and resources on school attendence laws and truancy proceedings.

ELC’s 2021 Back-to-School Guide for Pennsylvania Public School Students

The Education Law Center (ELC) has updated its “Back-to-School” guide for families, students, and schools. The information and fact sheets now include COVID-related considerations for the upcoming school year.

Truancy Prevention Programs - Philadelphia

Information from the Department of Human Services of the City of Philadelphia regarding Truancy Prevention programs overseen by the DHS’ office of Truancy and Delinquency Prevention.

Education of Students Served by Pennsylvania County Children and Youth Agencies

The Pennsylvania (PA) Office of Children, Youth and Families (OCYF), of the PA Department of Human Services, oversees County Children and Youth Agencies (CCYAs). CCYA staff and contracted private providers are responsible to make certain that the educational needs of the children and youth that they serve are met by collaborating with schools, children, youth, and families.

Pennsylvania School Attendance Improvement and Truancy Reduction Toolkit

The Pennsylvania School Attendance Improvement and Truancy Reduction Toolkit is designed to provide resources and strategies for educators, child welfare professionals and court personnel to effectively address truancy in their local community. The toolkit is web-based in order to enable for updates and changes in the future as required by any changes in the School Code.

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