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This section of PALawHelp.org has information and resources about Early Intervention issues in Pennsylvania.

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The Family Guide to Inclusive Early Learning in Pennsylvania

This guide is designed to be a quick and easy resource to inclusive early childhood learning programs in Pennsylvania. It describes each program and tells you who is eligible and how to apply for the program. [PDF] (2012)

Including Children with Disabilities in State Pre-K Programs

States and local school districts are required by federal law to educate preschool age children with disabilities in typical early childhood programs alongside children who do not have disabilities to the maximum extent appropriate. This policy brief provides an overview of the law and sets forth a list of policy recommendations that can help ensure that children with disabilities receive an appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. Education Law Center (New Jersey). [PDF] (February 2010)

Education Law Center

The Education Law Center is a non-profit legal advocacy and educational organization, dedicated to ensuring that all of Pennsylvania's children have access to a quality public education.

Early Intervention Transition: Preschool Programs to School-Aged Programs

Announcement from the Bureau of Special Education to clarify the procedures concerning the transition of children from Preschool Early Intervention programs to the kindergarten or first grade programs of their school districts of residence or local charter school.

Office for Dispute Resolution

Website of the Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR). The ODR provides the resources for families and educational agencies to resolve educational disputes for children served by the early intervention system, students who are gifted (or thought to be gifted), and students with disabilities (or thought to have disabilities).

A Family's Introduction to Early Intervention in Pennsylvania

This booklet explains how to request Early Intervention services; eligibility criteria; rights and responsibilities; individualized family service planning for ages birth to three; and individualized education planning for ages three to school age.

Commonly Asked Questions About Child Care Centers and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Answers to common questions about Child Care Centers and the Americans with Disabilities Act from the U.S. Department of Justice. (February 2020)

Individualized Family Service Plan/Individualized Education Program (IFSP/IEP) - Early Intervention

Infant Toddler and Preschool Early Intervention plan document for use as of December 2018. The IFSP and IEP are plans that identify services and supports for children and families involved in Early Intervention. The IFSP and IEP consider the strengths of the child; concerns of the parent/guardian and most recent evaluation results so that family members and early education programs are actively engaged in promoting the child’s learning and development. (Word and PDF versions)

Early Intervention (EI) for Infants and Toddlers (birth through age 2)

Information on the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL).

Early Intervention in Pennsylvania - FAQ

Information on Early Intervention services available in Pennsylvania. What services are available; who is eligible for the services; and how do you get the services for your child.

Special Education for School-Age Children (age 3 to graduation or age 21)

Information from Disability Rights Pennsylvania on Special Education Services Available to Children with Disabilities beginning at age 3.

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