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This section of has information and resources about Identity Theft issues in Pennsylvania.

  • Consumer Letters for Victims of Identity Theft

    The Identity Theft Victims Assistance Network, a national network of coalitions around the country, along with partners at Kansas Legal Services and Pro Bono Net, have developed this tool to help victims of identity theft draft letters to creditors, letters to debt collectors and letter to credit bureaus. These letters allow victims to alert creditors of unauthorized charges, petition to have fraudulent charges removed from their credit reports, and better assist police when filing reports. Read More

    Identity Theft Victims Assistance Network
  • Identity Theft Report

    Filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission is one of several important steps that victims of identity theft should take. This can help you in recovering from identity theft and help law enforcers catch identity thieves. Read More

    Federal Trade Commission
  • Five Ways to Help Protect Your Identity (Video)

    Identity theft affects millions of people each year. This video provides information you can use to learn how to make protecting yourself from identity thieves part of your daily routine. Read More

    Federal Trade Commission
  • Security Summit Identity Theft Tips Overview (Video)

    The Internal Revenue Service, states and industry are working to protect you from identity theft. Taxes. Security. Together: Protect yourself from identity theft with these simple tips. Read More

    Internal Revenue Service
  • Pennsylvania Consumer Safety Issues (Audio-MP3)

    Episode of Northwestern Legal Services' "Access to Justice" Radio show broadcast on JET 1400 AM in Erie, PA on 7/26/07. Consumer legal issues in Pennsylvania such as cyber safety, identity theft, and the do-not-call list are discussed with Attorney General Tom Corbett. (27:32) Read More

    Northwestern Legal Services
  • Petition to Waive Court Costs

    Click the document title to be linked to LawHelp Interactive where you can prepare a Petition to Waive Court Fees which can be used to ask the Pennsylvania Court for permission to file legal papers for free. This form can be used in most types of court cases in Pennsylvania. Approval to waive fees is not automatic. You will need to ask the Court to approve your Petition. Instructions will be included. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a fill-in-the-blank form; you will need to answer questions while connected to the Internet. IMPORTANT: To use this form, you must use Internet Explorer as your browser and Microsoft Word to print your documents. Read More

    North Penn Legal Services