Child Support in Pennsylvania

This classroom provides information on Child Support law in Pennsylvania and provides information on how to file a complaint for child support, a petition for modification of child support and a petition for contempt of child support. A video explaining what to expect at your child support conference is also provided.

Filing for Child Support in Pennsylvania: Preparing for Your Support Conference - Pennsylvania (Video)

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PLA - Philadelphia Legal AssistanceThis video explains what happens at a child support conference, describes how child support is calculated, and helps you decide whether to ask for a hearing before a support master if you are unsatisfied with the result of a support conference.

The video is part of Philadelphia Legal Assistance's Make Your Case video series.

Funding to support Philadelphia Legal Assistance in the creation of the Make Your Case videos to educate people who represent themselves, was provided by the Legal Services Corporation.

View the video:


Last Review and Update: Apr 05, 2022
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