Neighborhood Legal Services Association (Beaver County Office) LSC Funded

Who We Are

The mission of Neighborhood Legal Services Association is meeting the civil legal needs of the poor and vulnerable in our community through effective legal representation and education. This office of Neighborhood Legal Services provides free legal representation to eligible clients in Beaver County. For information about representation call:(724) 378-0595 or (412) 776-0773, Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

General Contact Information

Neighborhood Legal Services Association (Beaver County Office)
500 Market Street (map)
Stone Point Landing, Suite 104
West Bridgewater, PA 15009
(724) 378-0595 or (412) 776-0773
(724) 378-9795

Choose a legal issue to learn more about the services provided:

Children and Families > Adoption

Children and Families > Child Support and Paternity

Children and Families > Custody and Guardianship of Children

Children and Families > Domestic Violence & Protection From Abuse

Children and Families > Emancipation of Minors

Children and Families > Family Issues for Seniors

Children and Families > Marriage, Divorce and Separation

Children and Families > Name Change

Children and Families > Self Help Forms and Information

Consumer > Automobiles

Consumer > Bankruptcy

Consumer > Consumer Protection Information

Consumer > Credit Access

Consumer > Credit Reports

Consumer > Debt Collection & Repossession

Consumer > Drivers License & Professional License

Consumer > Identity Theft

Consumer > Loans, Contracts & Warranties

Consumer > Mortgage Foreclosure

Consumer > Student Loans

Consumer > Utilities

Disability > AIDS and HIV

Disability > Disability Access and Accommodation

Disability > Employment Discrimination

Disability > Housing Discrimination and Fair Housing

Disability > Mental Health and Mental Retardation

Disability > Other Disability Issues

Disability > Workers with Disabilities

Education > Charter Schools

Education > Early Intervention

Education > Other Education Issues

Education > School Enrollment and Residency

Education > Special Education - Evaluation and Placement

Education > Special Education - General Information

Education > Special Education - Rights and Dispute Resolution Process

Education > Student Discipline

Education > Student Loans

Education > Student Records

Education > Student Rights

Education > Students with Disabilities

Education > Truancy and School Attendance

Elder Law > Advance Directives, Guardianships, Powers of Attorney and Living Wills

Elder Law > Consumer Issues for Seniors

Elder Law > Elder Abuse and Exploitation

Elder Law > Family Issues for Seniors

Elder Law > Housing and Homeownership

Elder Law > Medical Assistance

Elder Law > Medicare

Elder Law > Nursing Homes, Personal Care Homes and Supportive Living

Elder Law > Social Security

Elder Law > Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Elder Law > Wills and Estates

Employment > Drivers License & Professional License

Employment > Employee Rights

Employment > Employment Discrimination

Employment > Employment Issues for Ex-Offenders - Criminal Records Expungement & Pardons

Employment > Employment Issues for Migrants

Employment > Family and Medical Leave

Employment > Health Care Insurance Plans

Employment > Immigration and Work

Employment > Pensions and Retirement Benefits

Employment > Unemployment Compensation

Employment > Wages, Hours and Fair Labor Standards

Employment > Workers with Disabilities

Employment > Workplace Safety

Health Law > Adult Health Care

Health Law > Affordable Care Act, Health Insurance and Exchanges

Health Law > AIDS and HIV

Health Law > Children's Health Care

Health Law > Health Care Insurance Plans

Health Law > Managed Care

Health Law > Medical Assistance

Health Law > Medicare

Health Law > Nursing Homes, Personal Care Homes and Supportive Living

Health Law > Other Health Care Information

Health Law > Prescription Drug Programs

Housing and Shelter > Eviction

Housing and Shelter > Home Ownership

Housing and Shelter > Housing Discrimination and Fair Housing

Housing and Shelter > Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Housing and Shelter > Mobile Homes & Manufactured Housing

Housing and Shelter > Mortgage Foreclosure

Housing and Shelter > Public Housing and Subsidized Housing

Housing and Shelter > Security Deposits

Housing and Shelter > Tenants Rights

Housing and Shelter > Utilities

Housing and Shelter > Your Right to a Safe Home

Immigrant Issues > Benefits for Immigrants

Immigrant Issues > Deportation and Removal

Immigrant Issues > Detention

Immigrant Issues > Family Status and Issues

Immigrant Issues > General Information for Immigrants

Immigrant Issues > Green Card Status

Immigrant Issues > Immigration and Work

Immigrant Issues > Naturalization and Citizenship

Immigrant Issues > Political Asylum and Refugee Status

Immigrant Issues > Victims of Domestic Violence, Crime and Human Trafficking

Immigrant Issues > Visa Processing

Migrant Issues > Employment Issues for Migrants

Migrant Issues > Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA)

Migrant Issues > Wages, Hours and Fair Labor Standards

Public Benefits > Cash Assistance Programs

Public Benefits > Children's Health Care

Public Benefits > Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Public Benefits > Medical Assistance

Public Benefits > Medicare

Public Benefits > Social Security

Public Benefits > Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP (Food Stamps)

Public Benefits > Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Public Benefits > Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Public Benefits > Unemployment Compensation

Veterans and Military > Education Benefits

Veterans and Military > Employment Issues for Veterans

Veterans and Military > Family Issues for Veterans

Veterans and Military > General Information for Veterans

Veterans and Military > Health Care and Disability Issues for Veterans

Veterans and Military > Housing Issues for Veterans

Veterans and Military > Military Discharge Issues

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